University-Industry Cooperation

University Industry Cooperation

LG and Samsung Electronics Egypt

–         Technical training course for the technicians of LG and Samsung

–         AU dispatch professor to the company

–         4 courses for LG, 4 courses for Samsung

–         Lecture fee (KRW82k/hr), 3~5 days/course, 4~6 hrs/day

Ihe industries in Assiut region

–         Technical training course for the technicians of industry in  Assiut region

–         4 courses

–         Lecture fee (KRW41k/hr), 3~5 days/course, 4~6 hrs/day

Technical guidance and consulting

– Technical Guidance Schedule

– Technical guidance and consulting to solve the problems of industry

– Participants should find out the partner company which has technical problems

– Submit the application(Application report form will be provided)

– Conduct technical guidance and consulting during February to March

– Budget allocated for consulting per one company will be max.
KRW2.0M : KRW 100,000(transportation is included) * 20 times


– Starting date for LG Internship 4th of September 2017 until 14th of September 2017

– Starting date for Samsung Internship 10th of September 2017 until 21st of September 2017

UICC (University Industry cooperation committee)

Prof. Ali Younis EE
Dr. Usama Elnhas EE
Dr. Wael Mahmoud ME


Meeting Minutes