Equipment & Facility Improvement Committee (EFIC)

Procurement Procedure of Equipment & Facility Improvement:

1.       Formation of committee members for Equipment and Facility Improvement Committee (EFIC) and the Steering Committee (SC).
2.       Role and Responsibility (R&R) for the committee:
          A.      Setup the manual with the terms and conditions for the equipment and facility improvement.
          B.      Check the location for the lab.
          C.      Setting up a manual for the maintenance of the equipment and facility including nominating responsible participant professor and maintenance plan.
          D.      Memorandum of agreement (MOA) will be :
                      ·         KOREATECH and electrical department.
                      ·         KOREATECH and mechanical department.
3.       Check the current situation of the labs.
4.       Purchasing plan for the equipment and facility.
5.       Request for Three (3) quotations to the public.
6.       Select One (1) quotation & select the supplier.
7.       Memorandum of agreement (MOA) will be between:
          ·         Electrical department and the suppliers.
          ·         Mechanical department and the suppliers.
8.       Make a contract paper, review and finalize contract’s terms and conditions.
9.       Contract signature by all parties between Dr. Koo/PM/Head of electrical/Head of mechanical with head of the supplier.
10.   Payment of 25% in advance (credit card payment by Dr. Koo or cash-transfer from KOREATECH)
11.   Delivery and installation of the equipment and material.
12.   First inspection (1) for equipment and facility improvement.
13.   Final inspection (2) and signed by Head of electrical/Head of Mechanical/ Dr. Koo/ PM with supplier.
14.   Final payment of the balance (75%).

EFIC (Equipment Facility Improvement Committee)

Prof. Mohamed Abdelazim Nayel EE
Prof. Omar Abdelgaber EE
Dr. Yasser Abdelrhman ME
Dr. Mahmoud Heshmat ME