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Project Title

Strengthening of the Research and Educational Capacity  in Advanced Technology of Assiut University

Project Duration

2016. 7 ~ 2020. 5 (48-months)

Project Budget

approximately US$366,660/yr (5.87million EGP)

Funding organization

Ministry of Education, Korea Rep.

Implementing organization

KOREATECH, Korea Rep.of


1) Cultivate the qualified engineers needed industry by improving educational environment and enhancing quality of research and education of mechanical and electrical engineering in Assiut University

2) Strengthen the Industry-University cooperation networks focusing on the undergraduate courses and practices
3) Improve educational capacities – Providing educational equipment

Our Awesome Team

Dr, Pill Koo

Project Manager

Ahmed Gamal

1st Project Assistant

Ahmed Mohamed

Logistics Responsible

Hierarchy of Committee

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