3rd Seminar, 2 nd Phase

3rd Seminar, 2 nd Phase
KOREATECH-Assiut University Project –

ODA funded by MoE,

Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea


Date: 16th of April 2018
Location: Mechanical Dept. Seminar Room – Faculty of Engineering – Assiut University


  • Dr. Ahmed A. Geise AUN President – Project Chairman.

(Guest of honor).

  • Dr. Nouby Mohamed – Dean of Faculty of Engineering.

(Guest of honor).

  • Dr. Gamal Abozeid (PM) Vice-Dean of Faculty of Engineering.
  • Project Goals and Activities Summary.
  • Dr. Pil H. Koo – Koreatech (PF).
  • Project Goals and Activities Explanation.
  • Dr. Mostafa Mekky – (PP/Elec.)
  • Koreatech Training Summary
  • Mohamed Omar (PP/Mech.)
  • EFIC Activities Summary.
  • Yasser Abdelrahman (PP/Mech).
  • UICC Activities Summary.
  • Haysam Khaled (Web Developer).
  • Project homepage progress and explanation.



  • Assiut University Professors.
  • Faculty of Engineering Students.





Seminar Discussion

First: Prof. Gamal Abozeid (PM)

  • Welcoming the attendees to the seminar about the common project between Assiut University and Koreatech-MOE.
  • Briefing the project goals:
  • Laboratories full development.
  • Textbooks developing.
  • Choose demonstrators applicants to travel to Korea to study for PHD.
  • Fund students graduation projects by capstone design.
  • Choose professors to travel to Koreatech to have trainings.


Second: Prof. Dr. Koo

  • Welcoming the attendees.
  • Explaining project goals:
  • Laboratories development:

Full renovation with a new furniture, facilities and buy a new equipment in two dept. (FabLab for Mechanical) and (Basic Circuits Training Lab for Electrical).

  • Support 9 Textbook developed by faculty professors regarding the new laboratories equipment and supplies to make the biggest possible benefit for students from the developed laboratories.
  • Through the project 4 demonstrators from faculty of Engineering, 2 from ME and 2 from EE applied for PHD Scholarship from Koreatech to study in Korea for 4 years fully supported by the project and Korean Government.
  • In addition, for the student project offer 300$ fund for graduation projects through the capstone design which held in the faculty and evaluated by professors.
  • Also through the project faculty’s’ professors traveled to Korea and got trainings in Koreatech University, which will allow them to develop their teaching and researching skills and methods and make a great benefit for students.







Third: Prof. Dr. Mostafa Mekky

  • Welcoming the attendees.
  • Speech about his visit to Koreatech through the project.



Fourth: Dr. Mohamed Omar

  • Welcoming the attendees.
  • Speech about FabLab as an example for Equipment and Facility Improvement Committee (EFIC) on of the activities:
  • FabLab is a laboratory located in Mechanical department.
  • Through the project, the laboratory fully renovated (Painting – Facilities – Furniture) and most important new equipment for the students using and research purpose.
  • The Equipment provided by 3 suppliers are advanced equipment.
  • In addition, full consumables provided for the new equipment by the project to guarantee continuous usage for it by students and researchers.
  • FabLab is one of four labs developed by the project in two years; it is the second lab for this phase in addition to Electrical Basic Circuits training lab.

Fifth: Dr. Yasser Abdelrahman

  • Welcoming the attendees.
  • Speech about University Industry-Corporation Committee (UICC)


Sixth: Eng. Haysam Elmasry

  • Welcoming the attendees.
  • Speech about the Project Homepage:
  • The Homepage address is: Koreatech-Aun.org
  • The Homepage goal is to collect and show all the project activities during the project lifetime.
  • All events will documented on the homepage.
  • Media gallery will show all the photos and multimedia related to the project.
  • The project committee’s structure and roles shown in the homepage.
  • The homepage prepared to be the project documentation and reference even after the project finish after achieving its goals.